Friday, 1 February 2013

Five Things Evangelicals Need to Face during the Next 10 Years

Ed Stetzer published an interesting post yesterday in which he lists 5 key challenges he sees facing the church.Ed Stetzer

1. A clear understanding of the gospel.
Too many have assumed it, but we need to teach it. The gospel is not what you do, it's what Jesus did.
2. A stronger focus on discipleship.
God shapes congregations through the shaping of individual members' lives.
3. A greater passion for mission.
We need to stand up against the clergification in the modern-day church. We need to see all of God's people engaged in God's mission, from their respective neighborhoods all the way to the nations.
4. Evangelism in the age of the Nones.
We are now increasingly facing what I have called a post-seeker context. Churches will have to find new ways to lead their people to reach out to their neighbors
5. New thinking in developing best practices.
We have to ask ourselves if we are willing to face some truths and change some behaviors to reach the world with the message of the gospel.

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